Money, sex, political power . . .  and redemption.

       Ronald Lorten, CEO of Christian media giant WOWL, Inc., believes that conservatives can and must win the ‘culture wars’ and save the nation from a corrupt administration and its liberal agenda. Ready to use his celebrity and evangelical base to achieve political power, Lorten is stopped by a beautiful blackmailer who has a secret, that if exposed, could destroy his political ambitions and lead investigators to also find financial malfeasance.


Desperate to hide the blackmail payments and corrupt business practices of his company, Lorten creates a humanitarian fundraising campaign for victims of human trafficking in Eastern Europe as a way to cover-up the blackmail payments and continue his bid for power. Even as the walls of his ‘empire’ come tumbling down, one genuine act of mercy sows the seeds of redemption for Lorten, if not salvation for his company.

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“A Parliament for Owls is indeed edgy, but in a good way.  It reminds me a little of Walker Percy in that the writer is using very broken and flawed characters and an uncomfortable story line to convey the idea that the power of the Gospel transcends all the dirt of humanity, whether we intend to help it or not.”

 - Gabe Wicks: Vice President, Creative Services Group, HarperCollins

"Very intriguing premise. Mary tackles this subject with candor and believability. The pacing was terrific and had me hooked until the very satisfying ending. Bravo!”

- Jana Ford Muntsinger: McClure Muntsinger Public Relations, LLC

“A very readable and provocative story – very much a page-turner! The characters are nuanced and believable.”

- Paul Hodge: Washington Post Reporter and Editor